Accounting CVs

Accounting CVs are documents which are presented by accounting candidates to potential employers and companies as an introduction to their skills and educational qualifications. CVs or resumes are part of the introductory or preparatory technique which every candidate needs in order to make the first impression.

  • Accounting CVs must be carefully constructed, with the candidate’s educational qualifications [pertaining to the field of accountancy] mentioned in brief. Any notable achievements or awards won for work in this field can be mentioned.
  • The document must then move on to focus on the prior work experience of the candidate. Names of major projects can be mentioned. This section can also be supplemented by reference letters from former employers, though that is usually secured after the job has been bagged.
  • The resume or curriculum vitae of the accountant must be summed up with a brief reconnaissance of the skills and strengths of the candidate. He can make a list of the benefits that the employer shall receive by taking him on board. This section must avoid the temptation of being self-flattery.
  • Lastly, the candidate’s statement of intent or career objectives must be stated. This section can be mentioned at the beginning of the CV as well.

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