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Internship is necessary for students to get their degrees. It also gives them a sense of working in business environment and students can learn much from internship. Students studying accountancy require internship as well and they can find it in banks and insurance companies and various other organizations and can improve their skills. Internship can be a test of basic knowledge and accounting students may have to deal with balance sheets and profit loss statements.

Accounting Internship CV can help you in acquiring internship in various companies.

Sample Accounting Internship CV Format

Sara Parker

20, Noon Avenue,



Mobile No: +1 600 64 77 97 7

Telephone Number: + 1 432 897 7756

Career Objective: Want to join a well established company that is goal oriented and provides learning opportunities. Want to gain knowledge by working with professionals in the business environment. Want to prove myself by applying my knowledge.

Professional Experience:

July 2008 – September 2008: ABC Insurance Company, Atlanta, Georgia

Joined insurance company as an internee and worked in three different departments within that company. Learned the processes and workings of the company and analyzed financial statements on regular basis. Maintained company’s profit and loss account and informed management about discrepancies.


2007 – 2009: Diploma in Applied Accounting, College of Accountancy, Atlanta, Georgia


Informed company about recent changing’s in accounting standards by IASB and also interpreted the treatment and corrected journal entries accordingly.


  • Sleeping
  • television
  • Hockey
  • Books


Upon Request

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