Building Maintenance CV Format

A building maintenance professional is a person who is responsible for maintaining and repairing tasks in a building or house like air-conditioner repairing, janitorial maintenance etc. These professionals also provide preventive services in order to check for any defective equipment in the building. Following a building maintenance CV format helps the candidate to present their resume in an effective way in front of their prospective employers.

Sample Building Maintenance CV Format


Name of the candidate

Residential address

Contact number

Contact e-mail id 


I am a highly skilled professional with _______ [Number of years] of experience in building maintenance. I am looking forward for the job position as a building maintenance professional with a growing organization.

Professional Experience

[Job experience 1]

____________ [Stating Date] – ____________ [date till you continued to work in the organization], ____________ [Name of the organization], City, State where the company is located.

Your designation

Job responsibilities:

  • _____________
  • ______________

[Job experience 2]



[Job experience 3]



[Mention about all the experience that you have in the field of maintenance in the chronological order]

Professional Strengths

  • ______________
  • ______________
  • _______________ [Write about your professional capabilities and qualities that make you a deserving candidate for the job]

Education Qualification

High school diploma, _______ [Write the year in which you completed your high school education]

____________________ [Write about any other education qualification that you possess]

Professional Qualification

  • ______________
  • ______________ [Write about any courses or certifications that you possess which are related to your profession. Like any courses in maintenance or repairing]

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