Business Consultant CV Format

A business consultant is a highly skilled professional who work with business houses and are responsible for overall management of the business projects. The job performed by these candidates is very competitive and they need high education to be eligible for these jobs. In order to work in this job position, resume plays a very important role and an effective resume can be drafted with the help of a business consultant CV format.

Sample Business Consultant CV Format


Name of the candidate

Residential address

Contact number

E-mail ID

Career Objective

To acquire the position of a business consultant with a leading growth oriented organization where I can contribute towards its development through my ______________ [Briefly write about your professional attributes]

Career Summary

I am a highly competitive business professional with ________ [Number of years] of experience as ____________ [Write about the designations on which you have worked]. I have ____________ [Write briefly about your experience and your professional achievements]

Areas of Expertise:

  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Instructional designing
  • _____________ [Mention your professional qualities]

Education Qualifications

  • Masters in ____________ [Write your specialization], __________ [University from where you completed your education], ______________ [Year of completion]
  • Bachelors in __________[specialization], ___________ [University], __________ [Year of completion]

Professional Growth:

[Write about your professional experience in chronological order starting with the most recent with the following format]

Name of the organization, City, State where the organization is located

Designation, Duration of work with starting and ending dates

Responsibilities handled:

  • ______________
  • ______________

Professional Achievements:

  • _____________
  • _____________

Languages Known:

  • _____________
  • _____________ [Write about any languages that you can speak or write]

Computer Skills

  • ____________
  • _____________ [mention about the computer skills in which you are proficient like MS-Office, SharePoint etc.]


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