Customer Service CVs

A customer service agent is a person who has the responsibilities of catering to customer needs, their questions and allegations and various trouble shooting queries regarding the usage of products sold by the concerned company. He/She needs to be affluent at speaking in regional and international languages and must be very patient and cooperative to clients in helping them out on various issues. A customer service CV must there fore be constructed very carefully with a smart approach and details of qualifications attained.

  • The personal background and the contact details of the candidate should be mentioned with clarity.
  • Detail all your educational qualifications in chronological order and lay stress on all educational expertise received along with details of years and institution names.
  • Mention all professional experiences attained at previous organizations and the special job duties performed by the respective candidate.
  • Highlight all the specialized skills required to make a good customer service agent and the certifications attained on them. E.g. communicative skill, computer knowledge, language skills.
  • Write a simple and brief resume that is attractive and filled with all necessary information required for the best results.
  • Being a people-oriented job to its core, the extrovert nature of the applicant should be highlighted in the CV.


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