CV Format for Professional CV

The primary requisite of securing a job is the job application, which should consist of a cover letter enclosing the CV. The format and layout or structure of a professional CV assumes great importance since this is your first introduction to your potential employer. It is thus imperative that you communicate your main objectives in a crisp and clear manner, enumerating your key skills and experience.

There are mainly two types of Cv Templates, the Reverse Chronological Format and the Functional Format. The Reverse Chronological Format presents your experience starting with your present assignment and going down to your first job. Academic attainments are then followed by professional qualifications. The objective is to reflect uninterrupted job history with increasing responsibilities. This format is best suited for one having a strong school and work record or for those whose previously held job titles are pretty impressive. The Functional Format, on the other hand, highlights the skills and knowledge garnered rather than the tenure or specific roles. This format is aimed at showing what you can do for your employer. This format is best suited to career changers, a fresher, or one who has had a varied job history. A combination may also be used where necessary.

However, a CV must contain essentials like name, address, e-mail address, phone number and mobile phone number, which should normally form the heading.

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