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A designer is a person who has the responsibility of making designs for various kinds of items including, but not limited to, garments, banners, interiors or even web pages. The main qualifications for designers vary from company to company and are usually a good mix of educational expertise and professional experience.  A CV for designers therefore must be carefully written with all attributes of the professional qualifications of the candidate in highlight.

Following factors must be considered while drafting CV of a designer:

  • A clear career objective statement is required stating what the applicant actually want to achieve through the company.
  • Provide all personal details clearly by highlighting them and make sure they are error less.
  • List your full educational qualifications and put stress on the specialized designer skills.
  • Provide all professional experiences attained and all job responsibilities covered at previous organizations. Include details of all seminars, workshops attained. Mention about all the small sample projects the candidate has undertaken and the responsibilities covered by the candidate as a trainee.
  • The resume should also bring forth the applicant’s knack towards art and painting in general. This could also be a distinguishing factor in case of tough competitions.
  • The overall look and feel of the CV should be attractive.


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