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The curriculum vitae of a person seeking a job in the field of finance must script his/her CV carefully to gain maximum chances of an interview call. It must be kept in mind that the educational and professional expertise plays a simultaneous role in shaping up a job in this field. Careful entry of data therefore should be made, as finance is the important segment of interest in any given company/organization. The following points must be considered while drafting the CV to gain best results.

  • A clear career objective statement is required. The sentences should be smart, effective and error-free.
  • Provide all personal details clearly by highlighting them and put your contact details in a place that is easily visible in the resume.
  • List your full educational qualifications and stress on your attributes and achievements. Write them smartly so as to attract the employer’s eye.
  • Get a good knowledge of the overall and specific domain background of the company that you are applying to work for.
  • Provide all professional experiences attained and all job responsibilities covered at previous organizations.
  • Make the resume brief and smart. Remember, your resume is your first impression and keeping it precise and short will only help you gain advantage.


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