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A CV or curriculum vitae is a document that provides a brief and comprehensive overview of a person’s career interests, skills and qualifications. In a competitive world like ours, the contents of a CV play an instrumental role in making or breaking one’s career. However, the importance of a good, compelling CV becomes all the more profound for a fresher looking for a career breakthrough. In job parlance, a fresher is one who is a fresh school pass out, graduate or post graduate with no job experience whatsoever, seeking a break to kick start his career in a chosen profession.

In a cutting edge world that attributes immense value on job experiences, it becomes a daunting and challenging task to draft a fresher CV that would compel the recruiter to think beyond experiences and place confidence over the competence of the fresher. Owing to its profound significance in a fresher’s career, the CV must be drafted with absolute care, precision and professionalism. Following are a few rules that must be considered while composing a fresher CV:

  • The career objective and interests of the applicant must be stated with clarity.
  • With no job experiences to back one’s qualifications, thrust of the CV should be on youthful vigor, freshness, creativity and confidence and the zeal to learn.
  • The CV must share the candidate’s vision and expectations from the job and state what one wished to achieve from the concerned job position.


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  1. Arnab Das says:

    plz send a cv and resume format to me i am a freshre. regds arnab

  2. mohit ajmera says:

    plz send a cv and resume format to me i am a freshre

  3. Prathamjit Das says:

    plz send a freshre cv and resume format

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