Geography Teacher CV Format

The role of a geography teacher is very specialized. In an elementary school when a teacher takes a specific subject then such a teacher should have complete knowledge on the subject matter. Apart from this a geography teacher should also be able to provide general knowledge to the students and guide the students with regard to all the professions that they can choose when they study geography. A geography teacher CV Format helps a candidate to draft an effective resume for the said position.

Sample Geography Teacher CV Format

Curriculum Vitae

{One should provide all the personal information in this section}

Applicant’s name:


Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

Career Goals:

I am a very compassionate and capable teacher interested in imparting knowledge to students of the primary age group, the importance and the essentials of study of geography. {Provide all the important skills that you possess to be hired as a geography teacher}.

Educational Background:

  • High school degree from _____________ {include name of the institute} in year __________ {year of passing}
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Geography Specialization ___________{Name of the University} in year __________ {year of passing}
  • Completed certificate course__________{include name of the course} from________ {Name of the Institute} in year__________ {year of passing}

Academic Experience:

Here one should specify all the previous schools where worked previously along with year of working as well.

  • Worked as Geography teacher at ________________{name of school}from_________ to _______period of service}
  • Worked as teaching assistant at ______________{name of the school}from year ____ to _______{period of service}

Personal Hobbies:

Any hobbies and interests that you have such as swimming, painting, playing badminton etc.

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