ICU Nurse CV Format

An ICU nurse is one who takes care of the critical patients in an ICU department in a hospital. An ICU nurse is expected to be a person who is skilled as well as has the necessary experience to handle emergency medical situations. As a result of the expertise and high skill level expected the ICU Nurse CV format should provide a narrative statement of knowledge levels and work experience.

Sample ICU Nurse CV Format

Curriculum Vitae


Residential Address

Telephone No

Email Id

Date of Birth

Marital status

Career Objective:

I possess the necessary skills and the experience to handle patients in critical care apart from having a lot of endurance and patience. I will make optimum use of my skills and expertise not only for my personal growth as a nurse but also for the well being of the patients and the organization I am associated with.

Professional Traits

(List out skills and capabilities of the applicant)

  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________


(Mention when the degree was obtained, and other academic accolades if any)

  • Graduated in Bachelor of Science with specialization in Nursing from ____________(Name of the University) in the year ____________
  • Certified in Critical Care Course________(Name of the University) in the year __________

Professional Experience

(Mention the work experience in various hospitals and in the departments along with time period)

Name of the hospital                   Department Worked        Period of working

  • _______________                  _______________           ______________
  • _______________                  _______________           ______________
  • _______________                  _______________           ______________
  • _______________                  _______________           ______________

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