International CV format

The job market these days is very dynamic, and at some point, jobseekers find themselves sending job application to other countries. To do this, it is recommended you design a resume that has a worldwide-recognized format to stand a greater chance of recognition and possibly employment. Here is a sample international CV format:

Sample International CV format

Peter B. Mathews

8923 Harmon Drive, Apt 15c.

Provo, Utah 84892

Home Telephone: 888-892-8923

Cell number: 888-892-9370


Career Objective:

A Police Officer with a passion of maintaining law and order to prevent and discover commission of crime as well as enforcing traffic and other laws.

Employment History:

May 2004 to present: Police Officer – Provo city, Provo, UT


  • Enforcing parking and traffic laws and regulations and issuing citations and tickets when and where necessary
  • Investigating and reporting accidents
  • Processing and filing reports and appearing in court when necessary
  • Responding to emergency calls.
  • Actively participating in community policing and crime prevention programs

July 1999 to December 2003: Police officer, Provo State University, Provo, UT


  • In charge of general student, visitor and employee security.
  • Patrolling campus buildings and grounds ensuring gates, doors and windows are properly secured
  • Directing traffic on campus grounds
  • Investigating incidences, accidents and offences
  • Preparing and submitting investigation reports
  • Making arrests where necessary
  • Assisting law enforcement agencies in reporting, investigating and resolving unlawful activities, accidents and incidences

Education and training:

June 1998: Bachelor of Arts degree in Management – Provo State University, Provo, UT


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