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You may have written many CV’s and may have applied for many jobs over the years. It is not good to drop same CV for every job because requirements are different everywhere but you can keep the format same for every CV. The formats keep on changing and you should update your CV and make it according to the latest CV format.

Here is the latest CV format which you can use to write your CV and this will help you in acquiring any job you want.

Title of your Resume

Write Your Name

Your Complete Residential Address

Your Town



Valid E-mail address

Mobile No: your mobile number with country code

Telephone Number: give home or office telephone

Career Objective: This should describe all your goals and expectations from the organization and things you want to achieve during your job. A proper objective or objectives can leave a good impression on interviewer.

Professional Experience:

State your experience and make interviewer or interviewing panel realize that you are the best candidate for this job. Any experience will help here no matter how short it is.


List all your degrees and qualifications here with university name. Remember that this is an era of multi skilled people, so you should include all the certifications as well that you have acquired and are relevant to the job.


You must have achieved something unique in your studies or your brief professional career. List all those things here to make your CV more appealing.


List all your activities and your favorite time pass here.


Provide it if requested

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