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Management jobs are perhaps the most sought after jobs in the present market. Hence, what becomes a decisive factor in such a competitive career market is the efficacy of one’s CV. A CV is a document that lays down the competency claims of a candidate and hence, manager CVs are documents that are supposed to establish one’s competence as a manager. The CV therefore must be drafted in a way that it upholds one’s managerial skills and convinces the recruiters to choose one candidate over another. Owing to the kind of influence it holds in the job market, manager CVs must be constructed with the right amount of care, accuracy and professionalism.

Following are a few instances of how the content of a successful manager CV should shape up as per the field of management one intends to venture at:

  • Sales Manager CV: A sales manager CV is required while applying for the position of a sales manager. Such a CV must therefore, convey ones interests and aspirations for the sales manager post and highlight one’s technical skills as a sales personnel apart from the management and leadership skills.
  • Business Manager CV: A business manager is supposed to be a visionary and must possess acute business sense. Hence a business manager CV must portray one’s business acumen, ability to lead from the front along with man management, business management, leadership and communication skills.
  • Hotel Manager CV: A hotel manager CV is required for a person hoping to make a career in the hotel management business and his CV must therefore highlight his know how about the hotel business apart from his ability to manage, organize and lead his team to the zenith of success.


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