Market Executive CV Format

A Market Executive directs the marketing of a company’s products and services. He knows everything about the company from the production line to the historical market, media costs and also the budgeting issues. The most difficult task of a marketing executive is to determine how best he can take advantage of the sources and ways provided to him to promote the product. He is the best person who knows how and when to sell his product at the same time to mow down the competitor’s product. He is not only is responsible for the communication with consumers but networking with clients, suppliers and media also is a part of his job. A well structured CV format can help to bring the best qualities of the applicant to the fore.

Sample Market Executive CV Format


Personal Information:


Residential Address:

Date of Birth:

Current Work Status:

Personal Summary:

A highly motivated individual who is capable of planning and executing campaigns that are directed towards target customers and has earned profits to the company. Capable of handling pressure situations and delivering the solutions.

Qualifications Summary:

Bachelor of _____________ earned in year ______ to _____  from _________ University                                                                                   Master in __________  earned in year  _______ to ________  from _________ University                      Any other Diploma / Degree: _____________________

Work Experience Summary:

  • Company Name                (Year From__________ to _________)

Core responsibilities

  • Company Name                (Year From__________ to _________)

Core responsibilities

Computer Skills:

(Mention all the basic and advanced computer software skills which you are aware about)

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