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A Marketing Director is responsible for all the operations related to marketing of an organization or business, which include market research and planning of marketing campaigns etc. The duties of a marketing director vary considerably from company to company in relation to the size of the company and their policies. Another aspect of a marketing director is that he must be an effective manager in terms of both budgets and creative process of advertisements and other marketing. In order to frame an effective resume, the marketing director CV format is very helpful.

Sample Marketing Director CV Format




Email ID:

Date of Birth: Current Job Status:

(Applicant must furnish up-to-date personal data)

Personal Summary

A highly efficient, innovative and responsible marketing director with extensive experience of handling sales as well as customer service departments effectively offering innovative solutions. Ability to relate with people at all levels and is able to work successfully within a tem or individually.

Objective: To gain a position of  a Marketing Director in a reputed company where my extensive knowledge and expertise can be used to its optimum, benefitting the company

Qualifications Summary:

  • _________ [ name of the degree] Degree

Name of the University (Year)

  • A Levels  Math (grade)  Science (grade)   English (grade)

Name of the College (Year)

Work Experience Summary:

  • Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________
  • Time Period:                          _________________________                                                                                     Responsibilities:                    _________________________
  • Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________
  • Time Period:                          _________________________                                                                                    Responsibilities:                    _________________________


(Applicant must list out his core competencies and his expertise)

Other Interests:

  • __________________

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