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MBA is a very broad field and these personnel’s are required by almost every organization. There are various departments within the domain of MBA and person holding the degree can work in very diverse fields like finance, marketing, accounting etc. MBA resume can help you in portraying your abilities and can help you in finding suitable place for you to deliver your maximum potential.

MBA resumes are helpful while applying for jobs in various organizations like banks and insurance companies and can help you in getting the best job.

Sample MBA CV Format

John Brown

Elegant Plaza



Mobile No: +44 340 12 43 90 7

Telephone Number: + 44 111 909 1443

Career Objective:

Want to join an organization which has bright future and where I can gain some experience and grow as an individual. Want to work for the betterment of my employer.

Professional Experience:

2007-2009 ABC Company, Aberdeen

Joined the company as a junior and worked on different projects. Learned from seniors and held meetings with banks to arrange finance for the company. Devised plan to use finance in better way and increase productivity of the company.


2003- 2005: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Glasgow, England

2005-2007: Master of Business Administration, University of Liverpool, England


Worked in different departments of the company and learned the functions of various departments. Trained junior employees in second year of my job and gave them confidence to operate at highest level.


  • Football
  • Games
  • Books


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