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In the twenty first century, power resides in the world of media. With globalization and the advent of technologies like television and internet, media has become one of the most booming industries and thereby creating a job market with hosts of starry-eyed journalists, public relations personnel, script writers, news anchors, photographers, directors and producers hoping to make it big in the world of media. It is therefore no surprise, that in such a competitive world, the power of a media CV would be immense in forwarding one’s job prospects and attracting the eyes of prospective employers.

Media, with its three vast segments – print, screen and broadcasting, surely has a large number of job openings. However, with the huge amount of job seekers and the fierce competition, it is an effective CV that would make a difference between two candidates. Following are a few tips that might come in handy while constructing a media CV:

  • The career objective should clearly mention the job position sought and the field of media one intends to make a career in.
  • Since media is one area that values work skills to academic qualifications, one must focus more on his technical and hands-on skills.
  • Perhaps one of the most indispensable qualities for media personnel is the urge to stay abreast at all times. Hence the thrust on the CV should be on one’s social, cultural and political awareness and comprehensive know how of the latest happenings of the world.

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