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The medical profession, with all its noble and honorable associations, has been one of the most sought after jobs since time immemorial. Thus, amidst the throng of blue-eyed wannabe doctors, what differentiates the fate of one from the other is a well-constructed medical CV. Whether one seeks to make a mark in the field of medicine or physiotherapy, whether one intends to achieve grants for one’s medical research or scholarship for further study in the field of medicine for the benefit of the human race; it is a good medical CV that may bail one out of such situations and help one to catch the attention of the concerned authority. Given that a medical CV holds such importance in one’s medical career, it needs no telling that such a document must be drafted with immense care and thought.

Following are a few points that must be kept in mind while documenting a medical CV:

  • The CV must bear a strict professional outlook in order to reflect the candidate’s sincerity and honest urge to make a mark in this profession.
  • The career objective must be well worded so that it clearly states the exact field of medicine one wishes to pursue and the kind of career one envisages for oneself in that field.
  • For a medical profession, academic qualifications hold equal importance with technical expertise and work experience. Hence all aspects must be treated with equal care and importance.

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