Office Manager CV Format

An office manager is involved in supervision, reporting and maintaining payroll as well as administrative activities of an organization. They also have to coordinate between teams and tasks in order to promote an effective work and may sometimes have to do basic accounting work. An officer manager CV format helps an individual to draft an effective resume that gets the attention of the employer.

Sample Office manager CV format

Office manager CV

Name: ________________                                                         Email id: ______________

Contact number: ____________


My objective is to work in the position of an office manager in a reputed company with a  challenging work environment where I can exercise my skills of ______________ [mention the proficiency that one possess for acquiring the intended job position]

Skill sets:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good management skills
  • _______________
  • _________________
  • ________________

[mention all the possible skills sets possessed by the individual which are significant for this job position]

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelor’s in business administration from ________________ [name of the business school or university] in the year _____________ [year of completion of the degree]
  • Mention details of all other degrees/ courses / diplomas completed by the individual.

Key strengths:




[mention all the strong points of the individual as a professional]

Awards and recognition:



[mention the awards received by the individual and the governing body from whom they received it]

Professional experience:

  • Currently working in the position of an office manager in _______________ [name of the organization] since ____________________ [date of joining] where I ____________________ [mention in details the job functions and responsibilities]

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