Professional CV format

A professional CV is one that stands out in reference to the particular career. Such a CV is appropriate for use by a person who is qualified in a specific profession. His desired qualifications, experience and achievements should be included in the CV. One should include a cover letter when sending the profession CV. The cover letter is used to summarize the professional CV. The format has to be simple and still maintain the unique format of a professional document. A sample professional CV is as shown below.

Sample Professional CV format

Marketing Manager CV

Robert Martin

12 Solemn Street

Huxley, London

Mobile: +44 444 666 777

Telephone: +44 33 33 33


I am an intelligent, presentable and flexible individual with firm credentials and an all-inclusive skill-set. I achieved these qualities from working in an atmosphere requiring self-inspiration and a centered approach. I am a team worker, with a high consciousness about time use. I am also technological savvy, which I have used to enhance my skills in a wide range of marketing techniques.

Career Objective

I am a result oriented marketing executive seeking a challenging opportunity with a reputable conglomerate, preferably one that has leads in more than ten countries in the world. I am also a target-driven tactician who believes in working smart when others are working hard.

Professional Experience:

2003 – 2009: Marketing Manager – Unilever Lakewood Inc, Lakewood


  • Develop new marketing techniques that the company can adapt
  • Develop and present new market niches that remain unchallenged and drive the company towards satisfying those niches
  • Draw out market surveys and come up with statistics that show where the company needs to improve on.
  • Manage and facilitate Marketing management activities and events in the region for all the affiliate companies and branches

Educational Experience:

1998 – 2001: Degree Commerce- Leeds University

2002 – 2004: Masters in International Business Management- Leeds University


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