Public Relation Officer CV

A Public Relation Officer CV requires the person to have efficient communication qualities to be able to promote a good image of the organization and its working. It is a field concerned with maintaining public image for high-profile people, commercial businesses and organizations, non-profit associations or programs.

A Public Relation Officer should keep up good relations with the media and the masses and should have a presentable and a positive attitude. The CV is to include the experiences and should focus the communication capabilities of the person.

Sample Public Relation Officer CV

David Johnson

50, Mall Bridge Road



Phone: 36-872-23

Career Objective:

I have the presentable attitude needed to be a good PRO. I can maintain good relations between the media, organization and the masses. I have proved effective in dealing with informing the public about the government’s schemes and activities and showing the overall benefit of these projects to society at large.

Professional Experience:

    2006-2008:  Ministry of Health, Public Relation Officer
    • Kept a record on all the media sources like Press, TV and radio.
    • Arranged Press conferences in order not to maintain transparency between the health Ministry and the public.
    • Attend all the telephone calls and provided solution.

2008-2010: Harley and Florien Company, Public Relation Officer

  • Promoted the products of the company in media and developed intrapersonal communication between the masses and the company
  • Keeping the updates of all the information on organization.


2004-2006: Mass Communication and Journalism, Chelsea College

2000-2003: Bachelor of Arts, Chelsea College.





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