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Sales is one of the most competitive professions in the world today. Hence, creating one’s own place in this competition laden sector is both daunting and immensely challenging. However, a decent sales CV creates a formidable difference in the job market and ensures an interview call for one.

Since the CV bears the magic wand of turning the course of one’s career and life, it must be constructed with the utmost importance, care, precision and professionalism. Following are a few golden rules that one may abide by to successfully draft a perfect sales CV:

  • The CV must be designed in a way that it reflects the personality and sincerity of the candidate.
  • The objective of the CV must clearly mention the sales position one intends to hold in the concerned company and the career trajectory one intends to follow from there in the course of a few years.
  • Since sales is mostly a communication and public relation dependent sector, a sales CV must focus primarily on the candidate’s sales expertise, communication skills, convincing skills and ability to forge interpersonal relationships along with his academic qualifications.
  • The sector being more experience driven, the thrust of the CV should lie in one’s technical or work skills, internships accomplished and work experiences gathered rather than mere text book knowledge.


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