Science Student CV

Science students have a bright career ahead as they are required by almost all relevant organizations and they can be entrepreneurs as well. Science students can perform various tasks and can learn a lot while working in practical environment.

Science student CV can be helpful for all the science students while applying for jobs in fertilizer, medicine and biochemical and various other organizations.

Sample Science Student Resume Format

Peter Collins

54, Yorkshire Road


United Kingdom

Mobile No: +44 212 43 13 97 7

Telephone Number: + 44 987 097 3456

Career Objective: Want to join a dynamic organization that has rich history and bright future plans. Want to work with professionals and seniors and want to learn from them. Want to excel as an individual and want to prove useful for organization as well.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: ABC Company, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Worked as an analyst in the company and improved existing formulas of many products. Reported errors and differences to management and gave suggestion to remove or improve them readily. Leaned from seniors and also updated existing methods and formulas of company.


2005 – 2007: BSc in Chemistry, Liverpool University, United Kingdom

2007 – 2009: Diploma in Applied Chemistry, Institute of Science and Technology, Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Won three gold medals because of excellent performance in exams. Won best presentation awards on different projects and helped students on different projects as well.


  • Shopping
  • Cinema
  • Fast Food
  • Morning Walk


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