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When a student is about to leave the learning institution after completing his studies, he pretty much knows what job he is cut out for. And so he sets out to write down a CV that says in a nutshell, what he is capable of. He tries to sell himself as a candidate for any job that his career choice deems him fit for. By writing a CV, he is able to draw up a list of reasons why he is the best person for a job; experience aside.

A student CV never really has much and should therefore not be too large to sound irrelevant. But it should be able to make sense and draw him out as fast learner and easy to work with individual. A sample student CV is as shown below:

Sample Student CV Format

Billy Burns

543 Phoenix Street

987 Bay End Grove

Miami, Florida

Mobile No: +1 22 22 33

Telephone No: +1 44 66 77

Career Objective

To learn as much as I can from my work experience, become the best at what I do and hopefully learn and acquire as much knowledge as I can, and hopefully pass it on to others as a mentor.

Expand my career knowledge through challenges faced in daily work schedules, learning new skills, work ethics and character traits, as well as building on my confidence, so as to be a more accommodative person in the field.

Educational Background

2005 – 2008:  Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences, Leeds University, Leeds

2002 – 2004:  ACCA, Glasgow University College, Glasgow

2000 – 2001: College Diploma – Stanton Heights High School, Stanton, Virginia


2000 – 2001: Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Association

2003:  2nd Runner up in the auditor of the year in the Students’ audit fete hosted at the PWC Arena by Price Waterhouse Coopers Inc.

2007: Founded the Insurance Watch Campus Community at the Leeds University and joined the University’s Hall of fame

Hobbies and Interests

Leisure: Listening to music, playing the Oboe, socializing, traveling, and singing in a choir.

Sports: Soccer, badminton, rock climbing, swimming, kayaking


Can be provided upon request


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