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Teachers are required in every school whether it is a play school or a high school. Teachers have to perform wide range of duties within their domain and play school teachers have more responsibilities than high school teachers as little children require more care and attention.

Teacher CV’s are helpful while applying for relevant jobs in schools and a good teacher CV can brighten your chances of getting the right job.

Sample Teacher CV Format

Lilly Evans

Blue Lake,




Mobile No: + 61 321 21 47 90 7

Telephone Number: + 61 890 543 1236

Career Objective: Want to be a part of an institution that provides learning opportunities and great career path. Want to transfer my knowledge to the students to help them in their studies and want to make them better citizens.

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2009 ABC High School, Sydney, Australia

Came to school as a junior teacher but improved my skills overtime and learned to communicate with student. Developed easy and understandable teaching techniques that helped students to achieve good grades in their exams.


  • 2000- 2003: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Sydney, Australia
  • 2003-2005: Master’s of Science in Chemistry, Melbourne University, Australia


Formulated techniques to make chemistry an understandable subject for students and my efforts resulted in best ever average grades in chemistry in entire school history. Won an award from a government institution for my research on the subject.


  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Television


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