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A teacher is the individual who is responsible for imparting education and knowledge to the students. Any person willing to obtain the position of a teacher at a respective institute must have an attractive CV. A CV is a document which helps the recruiters in deciding whom to shortlist for an interview. It must thus be prepared with caution to showcase the talents and abilities of the individual in best possible manner. In order to draft an effective resume, the help of teacher CV format can be taken.

The following is the list of steps which must be followed by those who wish to apply for a teaching position and have to prepare a CV format for the same.

  • The head of the document must be given in bold and be underlined.
  • The body of the CV must begin with the personal details of the individual, which includes name, contact details and the date of birth.
  • The next part in the body is the persons’ educational qualifications. The individual must give the year of completion of the respective education section, with the score etc.
  • The next part is the specification of the skills the individual possess which might be of help in the respective position.
  • The next part of the CV is the work experience the individual has in the field.
  • The CV also consists of a statement of purpose where the candidate provides the reason for the application and highlights the suitability of the candidate in his/ her own words.

Thus with the help of these points, one can create an effective Teacher CV Format.

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